The Belief – A faith that conviction always travels ahead of proof and accepted wisdom. A licence for imagination.

There is just over one hectare of Sagrantino planted on our Heathvale property, the only planting in the Eden Valley and one of very few in Australia.

Sagrantino hails from Umbria in Central Italy, where it is best known for the wines from the Montefalco wine region. The wine is called ‘The Belief’ because that is exactly what it takes to persevere with the variety. The conviction that we had what it takes to produce a wine from this delicious grape, that we first tasted in 1986, instantly falling in love. Thirteen years from that first taste, through sourcing cuttings from Umbria, quarantine of the vines and finally the release of the first wine in 2010, our belief in the variety has seen us through.

2018 saw an excellent year in the Eden Valley with great colour, plenty of flavour and excellent ripeness resulting in balanced, flavoursome wines that are a pleasure to drink and speak clearly of the region.

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